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Month: November 2016

Why and how to buy a man a great gift this Christmas

Why and how to buy a man a great gift this Christmas

Editors note: I’ve linked to one or two websites which have some examples of some of the items on this list. I have no affiliation with these websites. I do not receive a commission for any sales made through links on this page, and unfortunately can’t offer any discounts, sorry fellas.


Buying good presents can be tough, especially for grown men.


Gifts come cheap these days.


Just about anything a fella wants is a mere credit card swipe away.


Most things we want we get. If we don’t, it’s probably because we haven’t saved up enough yet.


Come Christmas and birthday time loved ones are left scratching their heads, scouring major shopping outlets for inspiration at the last minute. Worse still, they end up hunting down trashy listicles on Google like ‘100 gift ideas for the modern man’ or some other such nonsense.

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