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Month: May 2017

Men and Feelings

Men and Feelings

A long time ago I shared a video on my (now extinct) Facebook account. It was a montage showing the first moments of soldiers being reunited with their families upon returning from various tours overseas. It was extremely moving.


One friend of mine affectionately commented that ‘only a real man would post this’. Which was flattering at the time. Without wanting to make too many assumptions, what my friend was probably trying to imply was ‘real men are not afraid to express their sensitive side’, or in other words, real men are in touch with their feelings and are not afraid to express them, or something to that effect.


This begs the question, is it true? And why?


Is it true that ‘real men’ are able to express their feelings and, more importantly, is it true that men who tend to internalize their feelings are not real men?

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