Christian Valour. A blog for Christian men.

Christian Valour. A blog for Christian men.


Is masculinity on the decline in Christianity today?

Whether the answer is yes, or no, there is a need for a place where Christian men can come and be men, and develop a better and more traditional understanding of masculinity. Men who embrace their masculinity and follow Christ.

The world needs to know that followers of Christ can be courageous, stoic, men of valour.

You need to know, as a follower of Christ, that you can be a courageous, stoic, man of valour.

This is the narrow path, that leads to life.

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  • What does the Bible have to say about masculinity and manhood?
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This blog will also cover topics in:

  • Apologetics
  • Theology
  • Secular masculinity
  • Practical tips
  • Other topics relevant to masculinity and Christianity

More importantly, what do you men want to know about?

This is a blog by a Christian man, for men. Everybody has questions. What’s yours?

Do you avoid Christianity because you see it as feminine? Untrue? Irrational?

Or is it more of a cultural thing, maybe you’ve been thinking about it, but the modern church turns you off because it doesn’t seem masculine enough.

If you are a Christian, did you become a Christian because you saw it as comfortable and enjoyable?

Are you sitting around on Sunday feeling flaccid and uninspired?

Tell me what’s on your mind, and I might write a post about it.


What does it take to follow the Lord Jesus, and be a man of valour?

Step up gents.

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