I want…

I want…

In my last post I put out some thoughts on identifying sources of adversity.


Starting a blog has made it easier for me to expose my own shortcomings. Especially when you decide to blog about something like manhood. There’s plenty of subjects to write about, but it’s easy to feel like it’s all been said before. Worse still, is the idea that in trying to inspire men to become Christian warriors, I sometimes don’t feel like one myself. This is easier now that I’ve started blogging. It’s easy to feel you’re on top of everything when you don’t set your expectations very high. So when you put yourself out into the world, you expose yourself to others, like a nerve. It doesn’t necessarily make you insecure, but you definitely become more acutely aware of your weaknesses.


You see, I’m writing this blog not just to help raise the bar of masculinity in the modern church, but also in an attempt to bring out the best in myself as much as any of you guys. My hope is that in studying Christianity and manhood, then writing about it, I’ll become a better man myself.


One of my most popular posts so far was about facing adversity, where I explained that the unpopular advice is often the best. When you know that you just need to dig your heels in and be ready to put in the hard yards, that’s when winning is done.


So for today I just want to go over a few things that I’ve been thinking about over the Easter break that I want to foster, that I want to imbue as I continue to seek the narrow path. This is just a non-exhaustive list of personal desires that I want to use as a guide, or things I want to be known for.


I want…


I want to wake up when I choose to wake up, not when I feel like it.


I want, to be a father who does what it right, for my child, not what is easy, or fashionable.


I want, to be man of honour, to stand with integrity and honesty and make all my decisions on this basis.


I want to live a life that honours the Lord.


I want the courage to be more concerned about truth, than about people’s sensitivities.


I want to dedicate myself to the study of God’s creation and to teach the world of his wondrous works.


I want to teach men that it’s OK to be men, and to be Christians


I want to teach men that caring about their appearance, does not make them shallow.


I want to teach men that looking ‘good’ and looking like a gentleman are two different things, that ‘fashion’ is not the same as ‘style’.


I want to prove that you can enjoy a delicious glass of rum, without being given to it.


I want to be an excellent father


I want to be an excellent husband


I want to be an excellent friend


I want to be an excellent example of Christ’s holiness, righteousness and strength.


I want to define and elaborate on the biblical picture of masculinity.


I want to teach men what true love is, and how the modern definition of love is not biblical.


I want to look at setbacks and failures as opportunities to improve, not as a breeding ground for excuses.


I want to become a master of productivity, focus and output.


I want to kill procrastination dead, and poke it with a stick.


I want to be a survivor, not the strongest, or fastest, but the all around capable man.


I want to be the knife that makes its bed on the oil-stone.


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