Coming Soon: The Crusades – How it really went down

Coming Soon: The Crusades – How it really went down

The Crusades.


The biggest black mark on the history of Christianity, or so we’re told.


Like just about every event of history that predates the year 2000, most people today have no idea about what really happened.


More than anything The Crusades are painted as an atrocious period of Christian violence and bloodlust; an unjustified and callous movement of oppression against the poor, helpless jihadists. A favourite example of why Christians are no better than the perpetrators of 9/11, or the holocaust.


But the truth, as they say, is stranger (and more complex) than fiction.


So I’ll be getting my hands dirty with history to (very briefly) share with you the real truth behind the Christian Holy wars. I’m damn excited about it too, frankly.


I can feel my testosterone count increasing just thinking about it.


Next post due: 


Midnight, New Years Eve 2016.







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