Creation and Conspiracy Theories: 8 ‘anti-science’ ideas and what Creationists think!

So not too long ago I caught a glimpse of the cover of the National Geographic magazine 2015 issue shown above. My initial reaction was one of an eye roll.

“typical secular ignorance”

I thought to myself. But you know that’s not really fair. Ordinary secular scientists, without a close examination of the positions don’t really have any obvious reason to treat creationists any differently to other ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘anti science’ viewpoints (creationists are not anti-science FYI).

Secular scientists do argue after all that evolution is as much of an objective fact of science, as the roundness of the earth, or the safety of vaccines and Genetically Modified Foods.

So I thought I would take this opportunity to go through some of the more popular ‘anti science’ conspiracy theories, and just clarify what creationists tend to believe about each one, and provide a bit of intuition about why creationists would accept the mainstream view on some of these issues, more readily than others.

I had a lot of fun writing this post, I hope you have fun reading it.

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Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering and Evil

Life is hard. Damn hard. The world can be such a shitty place sometimes mi’rite?

Not too long ago my baby sister asked me a question that went something like this:

“Look I get that God is really great and all but, like, if he is then why do some people who want to have a baby so badly, can get pregnant but then have a miscarriage and sometimes they have to carry their baby till the end anyway and give birth to a dead baby… but some people can just get pregnant and have a baby, then just leave it to die on the side of the road? How can people do that? Why would God let that happen?”…


This post is my humble attempt to answer that question…

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