A Bible Reading Plan Anyone Can Stick With (Practical Guide)

Open bible with black covered journal on wooden tabletop

Let me guess, your New Years resolution was to start reading the Bible everyday. Be honest, that was your resolution last year too (and the year before)?

I know.

You start off so well. You were really motivated and you read happily for the first few days, you even enjoyed it.

Then you skip a day and snap, like a balloon popping, your inner hunger comes to a screeching stop.

What happened?

You were more interested in being a ‘daily bible reader’, than simply reading the Bible everyday. You went too hard too early and you burned out.

The problem is daily bible reading is a habit, and just like all habits it must be built up over time.

So I’ve hacked together a short, simple, but effective guide to transform the seemingly impossible into the possibly doable.

If you’re interested in finally building a sustainable habit of reading the bible, and not just read but understand and remember, then you’ve come to the right place.

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