1. courage or bravery, esp in battle

I write articles that defend and promote the truth of Christianity and the Bible.

If you’re a Christian, then this blog will help you understand that the Bible is objectively true, and there are very good reasons for believing in it. This is important because when you can understand and explain the truth of the Bible with confidence, it will empower you to boldly share it with those who need to hear its message.

If you’re not a Christian then this blog will help you understand the Bible’s message and hopefully see that it is true, which will hopefully lead you to following Jesus Christ; what could be more important than that?

I write about Christianity, apologetics, creation, science, Christian history and anything else that I think is cool (in a nerdy kind of way) and will help strengthen your faith in Christ and trust in the Bible.

This blog takes very seriously the Biblical command that we are to:

honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you
1 Peter 3:15 – via Bible Gateway

This blog is different to other big creation and Christian websites. I’ll try to be more conversational, because sharing Christian truth requires conversation. I’ll try to cover topics that are sometimes overlooked by bigger creation and Christian websites like CMI or Answers in Genesis, and put them in a way that’s less stuffy and ‘educational’.

So please, take a look around and enjoy. Remember guys, God is real and the Bible is true and you don’t have to be afraid to tell people about it!

About me

I’m a PhD student studying human genetics.

I run computational analyses on large datasets of human genomes and samples. I am trying to understand the influence of genetics on human characteristics. It involves a lot of math and statistics, but I don’t have to wear a lab coat, so I like it.

I have a degree in Science, majoring in evolutionary genetics, and I have a degree in philosophy, majoring in the philosophy of science.

Having two degrees, one in philosophy and one in science often surprises people… and that surprises me!

I have also been reading and thinking about many topics in Christianity, apologetics (especially creationism) and all things related for many years.

I have a wife and two children, who nearly broke me when they were born. The moment I laid eyes on them I experienced feelings I never thought I had.

I now live in constant and irrational fear for their safety (my fascination with tossing them into the air and catching them while they squeal with glee not-withstanding).

I could not do what I do without my wife. She’s a rock. She’s strong, intelligent and supportive of any and all of my harebrained pipe dreams, like being a work-from-home writer and internet celebrity with hordes of adoring fans.

I’m a patchwork of inconsistent and contradictory likes and hobbies including being a half-hearted gym junkie, an awkward and introverted programmer and book-worm, a strident critic of social media and the modern attention economy.

I don’t know how to read music or play any instrument, but I regularly listen to jazz, punk, rock, chiptune, cyberpunk, country, pop, ambience music and a lot stuff from the 70’s – 90’s. I like Lego, Marvel and Star Wars, Old Westerns, 80’s action flicks, coffee, science, apologetics, books, productivity, skateboarding and snowboarding, Christianity and the Bible (obviously) and anything that forces me to question the basic assumptions of my life and worldview.

I also enjoy a good heated conversation amongst friends.

I believe the Bible is true from the first verse to the last, inerrant in its original form and that it has been reliably preserved through time and various translations so that, whilst not perfectly accurate today, is still correct, especially on those crucial doctrinal points necessary for salvation, and a sufficient understanding of God’s character, earth’s history etc.

I believe that it was perfectly accurate and correct at the time of writing, being directly inspired by the Holy Spirit.

I’m a conservative Christian in almost every sense of the word. I’m practically Medieval.

  • Biblical creationist
  • Pro life
  • Pro traditional marriage
  • Trinitarian
  • Cessationist

And I’m here to help you better understand the truth of Christianity. If any of my articles contain clear factual errors or something you disagree with, are unclear or just plain boring then, by all means, leave a comment or contact me at christianvalour@christianvalour.com and let me know how I can make them better, for you.

Here’s a couple of my personal favourites:

The Amazing First Crusade

The Knights Templar

How to know what God has for you

10 Signs you are an Unquestioning Christian (Debunked)

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