Be the man that the right girl is looking for.

Hi there,

Welcome to Christian Valour. I write all about Christianity, creation and apologetics… so basically everything about why the Christian Bible is true and trustworthy.

This title is from an old blog post that is no longer a good fit for the current theme of this blog. I apologise if you came here looking for a post about how to find that special someone. Take heart heart lad, trust the Lord, and commit to honouring Him in every aspect of your life, and you’ll be well on your way. I promise.

Since you’re here, and the gist of the post was to become a better man yourself, well you can start by learning that Christianity is true, like actually true. God is real, Jesus Christ lived, and died, to save you from your sins.

The evidence is all around us. If you’re interested to check out some more then take a look at some other posts on my blog.

Here’s a few of my personal favourites:

5 Powerful Reasons to Believe in the Christian God

Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering?

Welcome to the Crusades

Creationists and Conspiracy Theories: 8 ‘anti-science’ Ideas and What We Really Believe About Them

You’ll also find my about page and Statement of Faith in the menu at the top.

My apologies once more friend.

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