Crusades Series

Welcome. This is a contents page for my series of posts about the Christian Crusades, a very misunderstood period of history, and one often used to demonstrate the ‘atrocities in the name of Christ’.

These articles will teach you a bit about the history of the Crusades, and their context with special regard to the rise in Christianity in Ancient Rome, and the rise of Islam.

If you know nothing about the crusades, I highly recommend starting with the first one, and reading through them in order.



  1. Welcome to the Crusades.
  2. Rome, Constantine and Christianity – A Very Brief History
  3. Arabian Knights: The rise of Islam
  4. Don’t corner a lion… the battle of Tours and the siege of Constantinople. Foreshadowing the first Crusade
  5. The Amazing First Crusade
  6. The Knights Templar


I hope you enjoy this brief introductory series on the Crusades. Keep your eyes peeled and subscribe, because there’s more to come.


Bonus post:

The Crusades vs The Old Testament


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