CS #19 – Exodus 15:3 – When you think of Christ, what comes to mind?

Campfire Scripture: Billy tea and a short, manly devotional. They go together like bacon and everything.



Book Author and Date:

Moses. He was Israel’s first great leader and the vessel of the Lord’s great miracles in Egypt when he punished the Egyptians for putting His people under bondage and slavery. Moses wrote this book sometime during Israel’s desert wanderings before he died. Based on cross referencing between other dates an authorship around the 15th Century B.C. is most likely.



Warrior, Exodus, Praise.



Exodus is the second book in the Pentateuch and records, among other things, Israel’s exodus from Egypt (duh), the battle with Amalek, the ten Commandments, and the Book of the Covenant.


The verse above forms a portion of the ‘Song of Moses’, sung by the Israelites following the dramatic defeat of the Egyptian Pharaoh’s army by the hand of God.


What I Reckon:

So, I started doing these a few months ago, and initially they were called ‘Daily Man Verse’, and all I did was post the placard above to twitter for fun. Often times I would choose a piece of scripture that I thought warranted some exegesis, or some explanation for why I liked it and what I thought it meant. This is what led me to make them into a short daily devotional section as you see them now. Other times I just picked verses I liked because they were cool and manly.


This is an example of the latter. So today just enjoy the beauty of self explanatory scripture.


Not a lot of exegesis here, other than what is plain from the text. The Israelites were singing a praise song to the Lord after his very literally miraculous defeat of the Egyptians.


He is the same Lord yesterday, today and forever. The Lord of Israel is the Lord of all Creation, our Mighty Jesus Christ.


He was a Warrior then, He is a Warrior today. Our God.




Did you seriously read the whole thing? You're amazing!

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All Campfire Scripture passages are taken from the New American Standard Bible, unless otherwise stated.


John MacArthur, 2006, The MacArthur Study Bible,  New American Standard Bible (1995 edition).