3 Compelling Reasons the ‘Highly Sensitive Person’ is a complete myth

Editors note: Hi, welcome to Christian Valour. This is an old post. A while back I changed the theme of this blog to Christian apologetics and creation, and as such this post is no longer consistent with my new theme. I’ve kept it here however because it’s a popular post and hopefully still helpful to anyone struggling with this issue. I hope you enjoy it and if you’re interested then feel free to check out some of my other posts.

The ‘Highly Sensitive Person’

Are you a bit of a perfectionist? Do you find it hard to form and keep close relationships? Do you often find that you need to take breaks, feeling overwhelmed by your environment? Do you cry or lose your temper easily?

You might be a Highly Sensitive Person… then again, you might not.

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physical strength and biblical manhood… the great divide

Physical strength has been systematically alienated from the perception of modern ‘biblical’ manhood.

I’ve been reading heaps lately about biblical manhood (you might say I’m taking a learn-as-you-go approach to this blog) and one preliminary observation I have made that stands out immediately is this:

Biblical masculinity today is framed completely independently of any reference to physical strength or tactical skills, or the physical virtues associated with self mastery.

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Are you a reflective, or reactive listener?

couple sitting on a bench, facing away from the camera. Nice yellow light.


When you’re listening to a sermon, or song, or reading something – such as this very article, or having a conversation with a friend or anyone else, do you tend to react instinctively to what they’re saying either positively or negatively?

Or do you attempt to internalise it and give the argument some critical analysis of your own before you decide whether you agree or disagree?

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