15 Answers to Scientific American’s answers to Creationist Nonsense

Editor’s note: This is a huge post. SciAm’s stupid article has, like seriously, 15 points(!), and I’ve interspersed my responses throughout it’s text (SciAm is in blue block quotes). So I’ve provided a contents page at the beginning of this post (with links to each section!), if you can’t bring yourself to read the whole thing… even if I think it’s awesome.

(Also what’s this green block quote? That’s fancy! After three years of blogging I’ve finally started dabbling in source code, so I’ve added some extra features to this post (like a contents page with links!), just as a taste.

So, just know the blue quotes are text taken from the Scientific American article. Green quotes are any other ordinary quotes from other sources, including my own little footnotes)


  • Scientific American has fallen far from its staunchly Christian roots
  • John Rennie has cowered away from answering actual creationist arguments, and has mostly resorted to tackling weak, outdated, even straw-man arguments such as ‘evolution is just a theory’
  • SciAm’s cowardly refusal to even acknowledge Jonathan Sarfati’s stellar response to the original 2002 publication, proves my second point
  • >15 years since it was originally published, the Scientific American’s article is still a huge pile of vitriolic hog wash

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A Dialogue with Natasha Crain on Evolution

Have you heard of Natasha Crain?

She’s the author of an excellent blog dedicated to empowering Christian parents to raise their kids with a good, solid foundation in Christian apologetics.

Mrs Crain has a great blog and has written some great articles about everything from how to teach your kids to think critically, to the potential warning signs and consequences of raising your kids on a watered down faith.

A lot of people assume teaching their kids apologetics would involve some kind of formal event: Dad comes home from work with his suit and briefcase, loosens the tie (only slightly), then sternly gathers the children and announces, “Kids, it’s time to talk about…apologetics… but it doesn’t have to be like this!” – Natasha Crain

It’s a brilliant blog, which makes mine look like a cheap soap-box. It has a lot of really great, readable information and some of the big hitters in apologetics such as Dr J Warner Wallace for example have openly endorsed and featured her work.

Scanning through Mrs Crain’s posts I stumbled upon this one:

4 Key Points Christian Kids Need to Understand About Evolution

I’m very interested to know where other Christian’s, especially big hot-shot apologists, stand on evolution. How you see Genesis, and the relationship between the Bible and science says a lot about how you view scripture, in my experience. So naturally I was intrigued to get some insight into one of my new favourite bloggers’ perspective on this vital issue.

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Atheists claim to believe in science but…

Editors note: In my last post I took issue with yet another random internet thing I found, and explained what was wrong with it. This post I thought I would go on the offensive. This post is my own little random internet thing, please enjoy.

Atheists claim the intellectual high ground. Atheism is not shackled by the crushing bonds of outdated superstition and religious nonsense. Atheists are clever, sensible people who believe in science, and trust the evidence.

Atheists don’t have blind faith, this is just for silly fundamentalist Christians and creationists.

Or so they would like you to think.

The truth is atheists claim to believe in science, but they actually believe…

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Christian Creationists (Do Not, Actually) Reject Science, but they do Believe in Miracles

So I came across yet another anonymous placard and my knee jerk reaction was to write another point-by-point response to its nonsense.

Except that most points have a similar theme and are, to some extent, true (not all of them). The points on this list, more or less, describe events recorded in the Bible.

This placard is deriding Christians simply for accepting what the Bible says is true, basically.

The reasons this post is ridiculous are a little more general.

Oh by the way here’s the placard:

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What is Creationism?

‘Creationism’ describes the belief that God created the world and everything in it, from nothing, in six days just as the Bible states in Genesis chapter 1.

According to Christians the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God, the one and only God who exists outside of time (because He created time).

Of course it’s no secret that within Christianity there are many different interpretations of the Bible and what it says.

But in general if you’re a Christian then, hopefully, you believe the Bible is true.

That means the whole Bible, including the very first part. This should not really be a particularly controversial thing right?

What’s wrong with Christians believing in their own Bible?

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5 Powerful Reasons To Believe In The Christian God


“I don’t believe in God, or religion, or any of that stuff because there’s no evidence for it!”

How many times have you heard that one?

Well, that’s about all the introduction that today’s post needs. Here are five powerful pieces of evidence to believe in the Christian God.

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The ‘Thinking Atheists’ Top Ten Creationist Arguments Debunked… Debunked

A while back I published an article 10 signs you’re an unquestioning Christian (Debunked). I thought it was time I did some more house cleaning.

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Apologetics and the Gender Gap: Why Men Hate Going to Church and Why it Matters


When I started this blog, it was not an apologetics blog. Originally it was about Christianity and manhood.

As a new Christian, I noticed something off, but I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was. There was something going on and I knew it had something to with men.

Lots of little things. The way the Bible was presented in any church I’ve been to since I was a child just didn’t… eh. As an adult I’ve noticed that often only one side of the Bible is presented… the nice side.

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My testimony: How atheism saved me and why I care so much about the truth

I was raised in a Christian home. I had the benefit of being raised by a Dad who was passionate about Christ, and about church attendance and creation. My Dad was always showing me interesting stuff from John Mackay the creation guy.

I stopped attending church shortly after high school, spent the first half of my twenties partying, drinking, hooking up, etc.

There are few moments in my life that I know for certain dramatically and instantly changed my life in some really unexpected way.

The first was an ordinary afternoon, catching the train home from the local skatepark.

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Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering and Evil

Life is hard. Damn hard. The world can be such a shitty place sometimes mi’rite?

Not too long ago my baby sister asked me a question that went something like this:

“Look I get that God is really great and all but, like, if he is then why do some people who want to have a baby so badly, can get pregnant but then have a miscarriage and sometimes they have to carry their baby till the end anyway and give birth to a dead baby… but some people can just get pregnant and have a baby, then just leave it to die on the side of the road? How can people do that? Why would God let that happen?”…


This post is my humble attempt to answer that question…

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